Monday, October 22, 2007

HW 23: Chasms of Deep Worry

With Apologies to Virginia Woolf:
What is it about fiction and women that makes it oh so easy to disregard the work of them? I have been pondering that question as of late and have stumbled upon no good or easy answers. This blog post about different authors and texts for boys and girls it makes one think of seeking truth. Truth in all matters of genders, here or now. Boy children get to read about adventure and politics and mere girl child of love and house. What of it that we can’t read the same text, this question is one that I seek answer to. One might think this is a pattern of yesteryear, but think again for it is now on the blog, Collected Voices, that you may find this troubling piece that so accurately depicts the chasm between the sexes. It is also troubling to think that women have been forced into little spaces where they may only write of love or stories with no wit or humor. “Happily my thoughts were now given another turn” (Woolf 77).

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collected voices said...

Thanks for the link, I've enjoyed having a browse around your blog - I love A Room of One's Own, it is so full of insight, and a pleasure to read