Thursday, October 4, 2007

HW 16: Broadsheet Follows the Rules

I looked into the Broadsheet blog and tried to see if they were following Robert Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto. It’s a little hard to say if they are following the principles because it is not a blog about a product or company, it’s a blog about news and politics, community, opinion etc. I think perhaps there needs to be a different set of principles for blogs that aren’t about businesses. I think there are a few that coincide like using a human voice, I think on the Broadsheet blog they do that very well they don’t try to sound like a newspaper or magazine, they use their real voice which does help speed up the process I’m sure. Also they have links to their “competitors” namely other blogs similar to theirs. They have the title as “Blogs We Read” which is a nice touch because it gives the blogs importance. It’s a way of being nice and saying nice things about them. Again it’s hard to say what standards they aren’t following because they aren’t really promoting their business, they are a community.

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