Monday, November 12, 2007

HW 32: Responding to Riverbend

Akila Al-Hashimi is a member of the Iraq counsel. In Riverbend's book Baghdad Burning Riverbend talks about her after there was an attempt on her life. She had been leaving to go to work with her bodyguards, her brothers, and two pickup trucks full of armed men cute her off and wounded her in the foot, shoulder, and the stomache. She was taken away in an American ambulance to somewhere no one knows where. Riverbend talks about how depressing it is because she felt like Al-Hashimi was one of the only decent members on the counsil. It also made her upset because it showed how no female is safe no matter how high up she is. She feels as though some were bitter towards her because she didn't wear a hijab and she was female (Riverbend 75-76).

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