Tuesday, September 4, 2007

HW 2: Will Blogs Have Us Losing Face Time?

In reading David Kline and Dan Burstein’s Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture I was struck by the second observation they made at the end of the introduction. Burstein says, “Blogs are particularly interesting because they marry so much personality and attitude with this complex mix of software technologies.” He is saying that we do not have to fear of losing social interaction because we can unite and use the blogs for public discussion. In learning about blogs I was concerned about this topic. I thought that with the technology boom we are experiencing that the personal connections we have might be lost in favor of faceless conversations on the web. He is saying that the technology boom is happening, basically whether we like it or not and blogs might be the way to gain control back. If we can use this to our advantage we could actually have more power in the political and governmental fields than ever before. I like that there is more hope now for us to voice our opinions freely and without, “having to own a press”.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Good, meets all the requirements of the assignment.
(A minor punctuation note--periods go inside quotation marks. For example:
...without "having to own a press."
Except when there's an in-text citation, in which case the period follow the citation and parentheses.